Thursday, 11 September 2008

Almost There with the Christmas Pad

Well I got through my busy day, and today is much more relaxed. I didn't have much time for crafting yesterday, but I still managed another design in my Xmas set and made 5 of those as well as creating a birthday card. Here is the Xmas design.

This was the first time I used liquid pearls. I added tiny drops onto the image to create an effect of silver snow. The photo doesn't show it but those 'snowflakes' look really effective on the card. I think I probably need more practice with liquid pearls because, up close, the large pearls have a little peak where the flow stopped. That takes me up to 25 cards in the set. There are 2 more paper designs (10 sheets) in the pad that I want to use for Xmas cards. The final 2 paper designs (another 10 sheets) I would rather use on Birthday cards because they have a more general feel which I think I may struggle to get a real Christmassy feel from. Maybe I won't reach my target of using the whole pad, but I'll at least have used all the papers from 8 out of the 10 designs of papers on Xmas cards. I'll still be really pleased with that.

I recently saw a general card in a users gallery that struck me as being great for a teenager. This is my take on the theme. I'm not 100% happy with my ripped edges on this one - probably because I did them in a rush as it was getting late in the day. However, I am pleased with the card overall. All I can say is "Thanks Aunty Sue for the inspiration".

I even managed to get out of the craft store yesterday with only £2.97 less in my pocket than I planned to spend. I just had to buy 3 rolls of ribbon when I saw them. I was pleased that I didn't spot anything else in the shop that was an absolute 'must have'. lol. Honestly, they should put a health warning over the door of every carft shop that reads 'Warning! This shop could seriously damage your bank balance'!

Today I came across a job advert that sounds right up my street. I have my fingers crossed that the CV I submitted is good enough to get me past the recruiting agency. The trouble is that the job was actually advertised yesterday and I missed it. It seems that if you don't apply within half an hour of the advert being placed you have no chance of being put forward for the role. I'm sure the recruiters only take the first 20 or so applicants and pass them on to the company. But I live in hope that mine will get through this time.

I really must get around to making a card for a friendship swap that I am involved with, at some point today. So far I just haven't had any inspiration so I think I'll try out some new techniques and see what happens. Maybe a waterfall card, a shaker or a diamond pop-up will do the trick.

Perhaps tomorrow you will see the results of my efforts.


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