Thursday, 18 September 2008

Envelope Trifold Card Tutorial

Hello everyone, Here's the promised tutorial. Don't be put off, these cards are really easy to make and once you've made your first one you will be able to make more very quickly. I'm sorry about the quality of some of these photos - my camera refused to flash and they were taken in the evening.
You will need:
A4 Card in 2 contrasting colours
Backing Paper in 2 patterns
Rubber Sentiment stamp and ink (Optional: embossing powder and heat gun)
Double-sided tape
Cutting tool: Guillotine, paper trimmer or scissors
Scoreboard or your preferred scoring tool
Pencil and eraser
(Optional: corner rounder)
Ribbon and embellishments

1. Cut 2 pieces of plain card so that they each measure 10.5cm by 28cm

2. Score each of the 2 pieces of card in half as in the picture below. The score line should be 14cm in from the outside edges.

3. Note: It is probably best to draw the lines in this step very faintly on your card to make sure that you do not end up with 2 right sides or 2 left sides.
Using a line that goes from the bottom left corner of the top piece of card to the top of the score line in the middle, cut the top piece of card along that line.
Using a line that goes from the bottom right corner on the bottom card to the top of the score line in the middle, cut the bottom piece of card along that line. See diagram in photo below and the next photo shows you what you should end up with.

4. Turn the bottom piece of card over and fix double sided tape the the rectangular part. For the purpose of this tutorial I have put the tape all the way around the rectangle but feel free to use as much or as little as you want to.

5. Turn the bottom rectangle back over and attach it to the top card so that the rectangles match up (one on top of the other) as in this photo below.

6. (I like to leave a small part of the base card showing on the front of the triangular front pieces, but if you do not want to do this, adjust your measurement of the rectangle(s) cut in this step to be 14cm by 10.5 and trim any excess once attached to the card)

Cut 2 rectangles of paper 13cm by 10cm to decorate the front of the card. Cut the rectangles in half on opposite diagonals as in the picture below.
Tip: If you have double side patterned paper you will only need to cut one rectangle because one of the resulting triangles can be flipped over so that the opposite pattern shows.

7.Turn your base card blank over and attach your triangles of backing paper to it, as shown here, using double sided tape.

8. Turn your card over again and put double sided tape onto the bottom edge of the right hand triangle only. Close your card by folding in the right triangle first so that it sticks. The left triangle is left loose so that the card can stand up.

For the insert tag
9. Cut a rectangle in contrasting card measuring 13.5 cm by 9.5cm and a rectangle of white paper/card measuring 13cm by 9cm. Round 2 of the corners on one long edge on both of these rectangles.

10. Decorate the white paper/card with your chosen sentiment. I stamped and heat embossed mine. Then stick the white card/paper onto your contrasting card.

11. Cut a piece of the contrasting card measuring 6cm by 3cm and fold it in half. Attach this to the top of your tag. Finish off decorating the tag.

For the Wrapper.
12. Take a piece of card 30.5 cm by 3cm. Wrap it around your envelope card - not too tightly because you want to be able to slip it off, but not too loose as you want it to stay in place when it is on the card. Close the wrapper with double sided tape. Add a ribbon and embellishments onto it and slip it over your card.

Here are my other variations:

Further tips:
  • Why not try card that is patterned on one side and plain on the other for the basic card blank? Then you won't need any additional backing paper.
  • Ink the edges of this card to define the envelope fold.
  • If you buy card blanks that are held together with a wrapper, save the wrapper and use it on these cards (if the wrapper is the right size).
  • Use up your scraps - especially for the triangles of backing paper. I did on the black and white version.
  • Try scolloped edges and a scolloped tag.
  • Leave both triangles free and don't have a tag - just write your message in the middle.
  • Why not make 2 envelope bits on the same card?

    Let me know if you have any more hints or tips. Hope you found this tutorial helpful.


Crafty Wanderings said...

These are great - going to try them this weekend! Love the free papers too! Thanks so much!
Ruth x

Pauline C said...

Fantastic - I will definitely have a go at this !
pauline x

Rica said...

Gorgeous cards and brilliant tutorial Sharon, well done.
Thanks for your visits and lovely comments. No - I don't mind being tagged - it's fun!!
I've left you a little something on my blog (at least I will have if my computer stops playing up)
Check it out.
Hugs Heather xxx

Jennifer said...

Thanks for a great tutorial, I found you through Pauline's blog.
Could you tell me which corner rounder you would recommend for card?
Jen x

Sharon said...

Hi Jennifer,

My confession is - I don't have a corner rounder. I actually rounded the corners using an egg cup as something to draw around on the back of the card. I then cut round the bit I wanted to remove and rubbed out any remaining pencil line. Talk about giving away your secrets! lol!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for that - I've been looking for a corner rounder that will cut through card, I'll just raid the kitchen cupboard instead lol!
Jen x