Friday, 12 September 2008


Oh My Goodness! I really got inspired yesterday. Today I have:
* a shaker friendship card,
* a slider card that magically colours the image, and
* what I call an envelope trifold card to show you. (I will look up the real name of these cards)

I just knew that trying out some new techniques would give me the boost I needed to get my friendship card finished. I think that taking a break from the Christmas set was also pretty good, and I may even try some of these techniques to finish off the Christmas pad.

Friendship Card

I think I'm safe enough to put a picture on here because I'm pretty certain that my swap partner hasn't found my blog yet. She's also busy this week so won't have time to nosey around until tomorrow - when the card is due to arrive.

I had to take this photo at an angle because the flash kept reflecting off the acetate in the shaker window and it was impossible to see my water coloured stamped image. I think she'll like this card because we swapped the names of the Penny Black stamps we each have and she asked if I could stamp her up a few images. This image ('kickin') is one of the ones she wanted so I thought I'd also put it onto the card. She also said she likes cute cards so I think it fits the bill.

Magic Slider Card

I am so pleased with myself for doing this technique. Even my hubby said "How on earth does that work? It's really clever" and he's someone that takes no interest in cards! Okay here are the pictures.

How cool is that! Of course, when you slide it down again all the colour disappears. I wanted to keep the front of the card simple so that it didn't distract from the magic of the image, so a simple bow was the only embellishment I felt it needed.

Trifold Envelope Card.

I've seen a few of these cards around, but they all seem to be ones that do not stand up on a windowsill. I altered mine so that it would still be able to stand up. Here are 3 pictures of this card.

I've left room on the insert tag to sign your name but there is also the option of adding your own message onto the triangle that opens and allows the card to stand up. The little wrapper that holds it all together sits quite neatly inside the pocket when the card is standing up, so you won't lose it.

I think these are 3 neat little cards, and for my first time at trying out those techniques I am really pleased with the results. I'm sure with a bit of practice I'll be able to create something pretty stunning using one of these techniques.

Hope you like them



Margaret said...

gorgeous cards Sharon, they are all really really great ~ the slider card is very clever ~ not seen one of those before. You can tell me the secret. lol xx Lizzy

Jackie said...

Your cards are lovely! I too would love you to share the secret of the slider card please.

Pauline C said...

Found it ! LOL! Fab cards Sharon and the friendship card is especially gorgeous cos it's mine YIPPEE!! off out now but will definitley add yout o my blog roll and come back for a better looka t some of your other fab techniques :-)
Pauline x

Pauline C said...

Hi again Sharon ... been back for a proper blog visit and was wondering if you could also share the secreat of your trifold envelope card? I'm sure i could figure out a way but you have really got it sussed there - it's fab!
Pauline x