Sunday, 14 September 2008

Magic Slider Card Instructions

You will need:
A4 card
Backing paper
Small Rubber Stamp
StayzOn Ink Pad
Craft Knife and scissors
Punch or other aperture making equipment e.g. X-Cut system
Colouring pens/pencils
Eyelet and eyelet setter
Double sided tape
1. Score an A4 card in half across both the length and the width.
2. Cut the top left rectangle out. Keep this small piece of card for stamping the coloured image onto.

3. Remove a 5mm strip from the long side of the card

4. Score a 5mm line along the long edge of the single rectangle (see photo below).

5. Cut a slot that is 6cm x 1cm wide in the long side where the score line is (see picture above). I measured 2cm in from each edge to centre this slot

6. Turn your card over and cover the bottom left rectangle with your chosen paper and cut out your aperture. Make sure your aperture is not wider than the slot that has been cut in the previous step i.e. no wider than 6cm.

7. Take the piece of card you set aside from Step 2 and trim the edges so that it measures 9.5 cm x 14 cm. Next cut strips from the side as in the photograph to end up with an upside down 'T' shape. I removed 2cm x 12 cm from each long side. This ensures that the slider will go through the hole already cut in the base card (at step 5).

Now the tricky bits.

8. Put the 'T' shaped card underneath the section of card that you've covered with paper, with the thinnest part of the 'T' poking above by about 2mm. Lightly draw round your aperture onto the 't' shaped card with a pencil. You will use this pencil shape as a guide for your stamped image. Stamp your image onto the 'T' shaped card using StayzOn.

9. Stamp another image onto clear acetate using StayzOn.

10. Erase the pencil guide from the 'T' shaped card and colour the image stamped onto it. Do not colour the image on the acetate.

11. Place the stamped acetate on top of the 'T' shaped card and line the images up so that they match exactly. Very carefully trim the acetate to the same size and shape as the 't' shaped card (I used my craft knife). You have to be very careful not to move either pieces whilst doing this.

12. Take the piece of card with your aperture in it. Remove 2 strips from the long sides of the top rectangle, each measuring 1cm x 13cm, as in the picture.

13. Fold your card up by bringing the top piece down on top of the bottom right rectangle and the aperture piece on the left is then folded across. This means the piece you just cut strips off at step 12 is in the middle of the sandwich and your patterned paper is on the top.

14. Turn the card over (Patterned piece is now on the bottom) and draw a pencil line around the notch at the top. Cut out this notch.

Assembling the card.

15. Slide the coloured image through the notch as in the picture below.

16. Tape the middle section of the card down at the bottom edge only.
17. Put double sided tape onto the coloured image slider in the 3 places shown in the photograph.

18. Place the acetate image on top and line up both images before securing in place with the double sided tape. The card sandwich is like this: Back of the card is on the bottom, then the coloured image slider is on top of that, the middle section of card is on top of the coloured slider, and finally the acetate image is on the top.

19. Cut a small strip of contrasting paper and attach it to the top of the acetate to hide the double sided tape. Fix an eyelet into the contrasting card and add ribbon to pull the slider up and down.

20. Add double sided tape to the inside of the aperture piece of card as shown and close the whole card together, folding the scored edge onto the back of the card.

21. Finally decorate the front and Hey Presto! There's your magic card. Add this to the front of a card blank and you'll have a place to add a sentiment, verse and signature.

Thanks to Splitcoaststampers for the inspiration.

Please let me know how you get on with these instructions because they are different to the splitcoaststampers ones. I hope you find them helpful.



MeandLilG said...

Fab tutorial! Thank you very much, will give it a go xx

Jackie said...

Thanks Sharon, great tutorial

craftynan4times said...

Wow Sharon what great tutorial, well done you. Fab picture of yourself too. hugs Chris x

Pauline C said...

That's fantastic Sharon - would love to have a go at this - your instructions are excellent!

Pauline x

Margaret said...

Yes i agree with other ladies Sharon you did a great tutorial ~ very easy to follow, Thanks.
Lizzy xx

Elaine Stark said...

This is a fantastic tutorial. Well done I will be having a go.Thank you. Elaine

Kate said...

I searched everywhere on how to do this card and by far yours was the best! Ok so I have to admit I do need pictures to help me along a little ha ha! Well done for such a great tutorial. I actually made one of these cards today. Thanks again. Marked you in my favourites now :-)

MiMi said...
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