Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Thanks and simple is best

Hello everyone. Firstly I want to say a massive 'Thank You' to all those people who visited my site yesterday. I couldn't believe that this site got hits from as far away as the USA, Germany, and Norway as well as people in the UK. I'm overwhelmed by all the visitors as it is only my second week blogging and my second day on the Crafty Blog stats. Anyway, thanks to you my ranking in crafty blog went up by 163 places!!! I started the day at number 723 and ended it at 560. Wow! I do hope that some of you pop back today to see this 'Thanks'.

Well, yesterday didn't exactly go as planned. My daughter rang me in the afternoon saying that she needed a card for today. Once I found out the type of things the recipient liked I knew my work would be cut out. We spent the whole evening sorting the card out - don't you just love your kids? lol! Anyway, to save your blushes and my own I'm afraid I can't post the card on here. Let's just say the recipient likes going to 'Gentleman's clubs' - and not the kind real gentlemen go to. Still, at least my daughter thought the end result was 'Fab, Mum'.

I made a wallet card earlier in the day, but as this is being sent to someone who may have found this site, I'm afraid that it'll be a day or so before I can show you that one. I won't spoil the whole surprise, it does contain a lovely Sarah Kay image. So watch this space.

At 11.30 p.m. last night I went into panic mode - what on earth can I put on the site today? It had to be something simple, but they do say that "simple is best" and "less is more". I hope this is true in this case. I promise that tomorrow will be much more interesting. I've had a request for a tutorial on the Trifold Envelope card I produced last week - so I will do that tomorrow.

The items used in today's card are:
A dusky pink/red C6 Pearlised card
'With Love' embossing borders
Stick on gems
Cream textured ribbon

And the beauty is it took less than 10 minutes to do.

A tip from a disaster
I tried to carry on the theme from yesterday about adding colour to embossing and I had a complete disaster. My tip is, never try to use Cosmic Shimmer with a bit of glue on a piece of embossing because you end up with a smudged effect all around the embossing. I will persevere with this to find a way of adding Cosmic Shimmer, but if you have already done this, please leave me a comment with your tip on how to do it.

Other news.

My post lady came with a wonderful friendship card yesterday. I was thrilled because it is absolutely stunning. Please check it out at Pauline's site:
Thank you so much Pauline.

Yes, you guessed it, I can now consign my rolling pin back to the drawer. I found a Big Shot on offer yesterday and, as it's my birthday next month, I gave myself an early birthday present. All I wanted to do was play with the machine last night, but my daughter's card got in the way. :o( I promise I won't flood this site with embossing now; I will keep adding different techniques and styles.




Pauline C said...

Wow!! 10 minutes!That's fantastic! And looking forward to the trifold envelope tutporial :-)
Hugs Pauline x

Chhaya said...

hey sharon... amazing artistry.. :D

and yeah, this time u got a visitor from India.

PS: my blog -