Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Woo Hoo! A new background and header.
UPDATE.......and working with siggi-shop.com (who are being incredibly helpful and providing superb service!!) to get the background right for my PC screen. I'm an awkward person who has a big screen and a high screen resolution so although this probably looks fine on your PC it looks a bit different on mine.
Thanks so much Jo for putting up with me and all the hard work I'm causing you.

Fan-dabby-dozee! (Is that how you spell it?) What absolutely gorgeous work Jo at Siggi-shop has done. Now this site looks as pretty for me as it does for everyone else. I can't thank Jo enough - or recommend her highly enough. Pop over to see her if you ever feel the need for a funky header or background, or an elegant one, or a pretty one..... I've put a button on the right hand side of this site that will link direct to her site.
Thanks again Jo; superb design and an after sales service that is second to none.


Rica said...

It's looking great Sharon.
It will be worth all the hard work involved. I changed mine and still haven't got round to doing a new header - maybe soon !!
Keep up with the tutorials, they are really clear and precise - wonderful work.
Hugs Heather xxx

Pauline C said...

Beautiful blog header and background - really pretty! I worked with Jo at Siggi Shop too - she is brilliant. Thinking on perhaps I should get a blog background too, and I may get a special Chrimbo edition tee hee! keep up the good work
paulien x

Jo said...

WOW! Thank you so much Sharon! I won't get my head through the door!! LOL!
seriously, it was a pleasure, I wanted you to be happy with the design so I was more than happy to help.
Thank YOU for choosing me to create it!

Take care,
Jo xx