Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Secret Middle Card Tutorial

Amaze your friends with a secret middle card. These cards are SO easy to make - and everyone that sees them wants to handle them to find out how it works. Kiddies think they are magic cards.

For this tutorial I'm showing you the basic card and only doodling on it to show you how they work. Look at the bottom of this post for another example I have made that is fully decorated.

You will need

2 pieces of A4 Card in contrasting colours

Scoreboard or other scoring tool






1. Trim a piece of A4 card to be 28 cm by 21 cm. Score a line 14cm in from one edge. Turn your card over and make 2 more score lines, each one is 7cm in from the nearest outside edge, so that you have 4 even sections.

2. Fold the card in half along the first scoreline you made. Make 2 cuts, each at 7 cm in from the top and bottom edges, through the middle fold to the score line as in this photo.

3. Cut 2 pieces of contrasting card to the size of 21 cm by 6.8 cm.

4. Open up the white card so that it is flat. Thread the first piece of contrasting card through the cuts made at step 3 so that it goes over the first section, under the second section and over the third section. Take the other piece of contrasting card and thread this through the cuts so that it goes under the first section, over the second and under the third. It should end up looking like this.

That is the basic card finished. To show you how the card works, here are my doodles.

When you fold the card into a 'T' shape you can carefully take the middle piece and prise the white sections apart (see below) - I do this by moving the top white square towards the back of the card and the middle white square towards the front of the card. The more you open and close the middle bit, the easier it gets.

Here is the middle section opened - I've been caught out! I only used red paper for this demo and you can see the flower doodle through the paper!!

Now decorate it as you want.

Here's one I did with Papermania Naughty and Nice sheets and chipboard elements.
Tip: For this card, instead of contrasting card, I cut 4 pieces of paper (2 in each pattern) and stuck the like patterns back to back so the pattern shows on both sides.

Front of card:

First page of the card:

The secret middle section:

The back page:

When opened entirely flat it looks like this on each side:

....and here are views from the top with
Secret middle closed and

secret middle opened

Hope you found this useful.
Tips and feedback are welcome, as always.



Rach said...

what a great tutorial. thanks for sharing. hugs rachxx

Pauline C said...

Wow - is there no end to your talents girl?? Must admit i will need to site down when i have more time and study this ... another fab idea!
Pauline x