Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A peek at my October Friendship card

If my friendship partner stumbles across this site....please look no further as your card will probably reach you tomorrow.

However, I am so pleased with this card that I'm going to put a teaser on here today and will probably show you the whole thing in all its glory tomorrow, complete with lots of photos to cover all the different elements of the card.'s not a shaker....but, yes it does use acetate run through a cuttlebug swiss dots folder. The stitching is not faux - I did it by hand and boy does that make a difference.
Okay, enough is the peek.

Are your family like mine? Honestly, it's my birthday on Friday and has anyone asked me what I'd like? Absolutely not! Oh, if only they knew how much I'd love a Whiff of Joy or Sugar Nellie stamp, or some new papers or flowers - or even a kit so that I could start making my own stamps. I bet it won't even occur to them to buy me crafty stuff...after all this is my first birthday since I started crafting. Ho Hum! I'll have to drop massive hints now - like leaving a picture of the things I'd like all over the house. Well, a girl's got to be subtle, hasn't she. lol.


Donna said...

Your card looks fab Sharon can't wait to see it in full. Ok now here is what you know those sticky bits of paper, well you write all the thing's you want on them and stick them everywhere...even the toilet seat lol. If your family are like mine then you had better volunteer the information quick, time is running out. Donna x

Pauline C said...

It's looking great Sharon .... I've only just taken my September friendship card from you down :-)
Pauline x

Angie C said...

Looks like a gorgeous card Sharon, can't wait to see it in full.

Hope you have a lovely Birthday on Friday

carolann said...

Wow this looks awesome hun cant wait to see it all xxxxx