Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Another award!

How special do I feel? Following quickly on the heels of the Encouraged award I received a couple of days ago is this really sweet award too! Thanks so much Pauline for thinking of me again. It is wonderful when the people you admire care enough to pass these beautiful awards on. Please visit Pauline's blog, she does some really pretty work and I love her cards.

The rules are to pass this on to 7 other bloggers. I know this will make it's way to some of the people I would love to have included in this list, but I wanted to pass the award to some different people this time. So here goes. I'm passing it on to:
Claudia Rosa, Jacqui, Karen, Vee, Lorraine, Paula and Sally-Ann

Also, I have to thank Vee for passing on the Encouraged award I received a couple of days ago to me too.


Paula said...

WOW Sharon thank's so much it mean's alot.
Paula xxxx

Vee said...

Wow!! Thank you Sharon for this award I'm really chuffed that you thought of me.
xx Vee

Paula said...

Hi it's me again lol there is somthing for you now over at my blog lol.
Paula xxxx

6 wacky women said...

Thank you so much Sharon.
You are such a sweetheart to think of me. I will get at sending it on tomorrow, I am in the middle of getting classes ready. Never enough time...lol!

Thanks again
Karen x

cats whiskers said...

Congrats on the award dear and well deserved, Thank you so much for passing it on to me I am really proud that you choose me to be one of the recipients. have a great day dear
Hugs Jacqui x

Love to Doodle! said...

Thanks so much Sharon - lovely of you to think of me...xx

Heather "Hev" said...

Congrats Sharon :)

Helen said...

Congrats on a well-deserved award!
There's another for you on my blog...I know you've already had it, but I wanted to thank you for all your kind comments on my blog!
Helen x