Monday, 26 January 2009

Now I've been tagged! - The Black Pearl

Okay, there is always a penance for getting an award, I thought. I'm bound to have to share tidbits of information with people or rack my brains for a funny answer to something. This time I was very pleasantly surprised. I don't have to do anything like that.

So, Thank you Donna and Leanne for passing this tag on to me - I like this one. The rules of this are you need to go to where you keep the photos on your computer, go to the 6th folder and then the sixth picture. You then upload it on your blog and write a bit about what is going on.

I was happy when my 6th folder turned out to be 'Holidays' then I started panicking about the final photo being one of me in a bikini - not a nice sight! But I got lucky. The 6th folder under Holidays was St Lucia 2004 and the 6th photo was a snapshot taken on a sunset cruise (I won that as a prize on day 1 of the holiday - lucky me!). During the cruise we spotted 'The Black Pearl' on the horizon with Cap'n Jack Sparrow on board (Steady now Tara!!). Now, you may need a magnifying glass - or zoom in on the picture, but I assure you there is a pirate ship on the horizon.

Ooohhhhh! a girl can dream can't she? For me Cap'n Jack will always be on board that ship. But if any of you have been to St Lucia you'll know it's just a tall ship that runs a sunset cruise from the main harbour.

Now I have to tag 5 other people to do the same.

So I tag:

I'll be back later with some blog candy alerts.



Kirsten said...

Great photo Joy, I love the reflection of the setting sun on the water. Kirsten x.

Chris said...

Ah, thanks for passing this to me Sharon and glad you got it first. Like you, I can never think of interesting or witty things to share so this one is perfect depending on the photo of course LOL. Your holiday photo looks amazing, an actual pirate ship on the horizon...every photographers dream!!!! Chris x

Vee said...

Stunning Picture Sharon,thanks for the tag I got one from Leanne too so I'll just do the one Picture so as not to bore Hope I get a good one though I don't think I could top yours it's so beautiful. Wonderful memories for you..

xx Vee

Pauline C said...

Thanks hun ..... I have found a pic accordingly :-) I have also left a little something for you on my blog
Pauline x