Sunday, 25 January 2009

So many awards! - Am I at the Oscars???

Oh WOW! This is incredible! You've all passed on SO MANY awards to me; I just can't believe it. Honestly, I go away for a couple of days and come back to a very humbling experience. You are such incredibly kind people out there in blog land - and you're all so talented that I truly do feel humbled by this. I thought I was at the Oscar nominations as I kept reading all your comments when I got home today!

Pick up a chair and get a cup of tea, or your chosen drink, because I think this is going to be a long old post.

The first award of the evening is the Kreativ Award.
The fabulously talented Clare Curd of Do Crafts (ooooh! do I feel special that she thought of me, or what??? Thanks hunny - I'm still hyperventilating), also a lovely, fun lady Faye, who is very talented with altered art and creative backgrounds, and my new blogging friend Nicola (more about her below) passed this beautiful award on to me.

Isn't that just a gorgeous award? Now I need to pass it on to 5 people so ......the nominations are....(drumroll)......Donna, Tara, Helen, Gina, Chris

Next up is the Marie Antoinette Award. A big thank you goes to Nicola for also thinking of me for this award. Nicola has only recently started blogging but her talent is shining through already.

I pass this beautiful Marie Antoinette award on to: Jo, Sarita, Katy, Tab, Vee

Then we have the beautiful Blog Award. This was passed to me by my lovely, talented new DT mate Heather. Thank you so much Heather, as usual it is a real honour to receive something from you.

My nominations for this award are: Clare Curd, Nicola, Paula, Faye, Judy,

Finally, as I'm a little behind with my blogging, I was recently passed these last 3 awards. As I've already received these final 3 and passed them on before, I won't pass them on again at this time (I'm running out of people!) However, if any of you lovely crafters visiting my blog do not have these already, please feel free to take them from this blog.

I'd like to thank Helen and Gina for this Encouraged award

Paula for this Butterfly Award

and Vee for this Kreativ Blogger award

I still can't believe this. You kindness is absolutely overwhelming and I'm chuffed to bits. Thank you all.



Tara said...

Thanks so much Sharon, I'll pop it on my blog tomorrow hopefully!
I've just emailed you with a DT blinkie! xx

Vee said...

Oh Sharon this is a lovely award thanks very much for thinking of me.It's really nice to get these awards form your friends isn't it, makes your day.

x Vee

Paula said...

Hi Sharon welcome back hope you had a lovely time. Thankyou so much for the lovely award hun.
Paula xxxx

Chris said...

WOW, thanks so much Sharon for passing the award to me and also for getting it first and one of many I see! A lovely surprise for you when you got back. Thank you for thinking of me. Chris x

Faye said...

Sharon, I am trying not to split my seams laughing, but do I understand correctly that you got 8 awards all in a couple of days??? I got 4 and thought I'd have trouble doing art and housework and sending off awards. How you'll do it is really a challenge!

But seriously, I think everyone appreciates your beautiful work and wants you to feel appreciated.

Thanks for the Beautiful Blog award that was sent to you by that beautiful Heather. I appreciate the honor very much. Blogland is such fun! I love the friendliness and encouragement I've found in it.

Heather "Hev" said...

Congratulations Sharon :)

Well deserved :)

Nicola said...

Hope you had a great weekend Sharon, thank you so much for the Beautiful Blog Award, she sure is gorgeous.-x-

Leanne said...

Wow, you are one popular lady!! Just gonna add more to it now!!

Go on over to my blog - you've been tagged!

Hope you have a good week.

Leanne :o)

Donna said...

Thank you for the lovely award Sharon, hope you had a relaxing couple of days away. Donna x

Donna said...

And now you've been 'tagged' too lol. Pop over to my blog to see what you have to do. x

Helen said...

Wow - what a lt of awards! All well deserved!
Thanks for thinking of me - you've made my day!
Helen x

Sarita said...

Thank you so much Sharon-what a fab award, Thank you for thinking of me!
Look forward to joining you on Colour Create!
Love Sarita xx

Pauline C said...

Wow congrats Sharon on so many wards ... well deserved :-)
Pauline x