Thursday, 14 May 2009

A family crisis

I thought I should let people know why I seem to have fallen off the face of blog land for a while. My daughter, who is 23 weeks pregnant went into early labour and is having several complications. My days at the moment consist of trips to the hospital and looking after her 1 year old daughter. Needless to say, the last thing on my mind is crafting at the moment.

We're praying that she hangs on for at least a few more days to improve the chances of the babies survival. So I hope you can all find the time to say a few prayers for her and her unborn son.

I don't like washing my linen in public, but I absolutely hate to let people down. So, please accept my apologies if I don't get to your blogs this week to comment, and if I miss making a DT card or two. I'm sure you'll all understand.

Sharon xx


Nicola said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, your daughter and family Sharon.
Cards can wait but family always comes first, hang in there honey.
Sending loving thoughts and prayers your way.
Nicola -x-

PatR said...

Oh Sharon, don't get worrying about blogging your daughter and unborn son are far more important and I'm sure we all understand that. I will most certainly keep you all in my prayers. Take care
Big hugs, Pat xx

Lorraine A said...

Sharon the last thing you need is to be worrying about things on here :-) Just take care of things at home , we'll still be here when things settle down again :-)
Hope everything works out OK for your daughter and her baby x x x
Lorraine x x

pinky said...

Oh Sharon thats terrible, of course everyone understands. Family comes first at all costs. I hope and pray your daughter holds on and the little baby is born into this world safe and sound. Sending you big hugs.

Pat said...

Of course we understand, family comes first!
I am sending prayers for her and the baby. Hope everything will be alright.
Take care xx

joey said...

Sharon sweetie, blogland is the least of your worries, my thoughts and prayers are with you all, big hugs. I hope Baby decides to stay put in the cosy warm for a while

Foxcraft said...

Sending hugs and prayers for you and yours

Paula said...

Hi Sharon my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Paula xxxx

torico said...

Hi Sharon.Sending my prayers for you and your family.

6 wacky women said...

Sharon, my thoughts and prayers are with you, your daughter and her little baby boy.
Don't worry about us, we will all be here when you get back.

Karen x

Mika said...

Hi Sharon
You and your family is in my prayers. Hope everything turns out all right.


Biscuitlid said...

you have nothing to apologise for at all. Your daughter, her unborn son and your granddaughter are your priorities.

Holding you all very close in my thoughts and keeping a candle of hope burning for you in our home. Hang in there little fella.

much love

Kim Piggott said...

Sharon I am so sorry that you and your family are going through this at the moment. You will so be in my prayers.
Let your daughter know that we are all behind her.
kim xxx

Jill said...

aww Sharon, I really hope your daugter and the baby are ok, I'm thinking of you all at this distressing time, sending you a hugh cyber hug Jill xx

Janette said...

So sorry to hear your news,I hope that all goes well for your daughter and her new son,God bless,Janette.x

June said...

Dont you worry darlin, and it was good of you to post at this time when you have far more important things to do. I will keep your daughter in myt houghts and prayers hoping for aw onderful outcome, take care lovea nd hugs June xx

Pauline C said...

Dearest Sharon
Thinking about you and your family and keeping everything crossed for you at this distressing time. Don't worry about anything else hun - will still be here for you.
massive hugs and lots of my best wishes
Pauline x

Sharon said...

Hi Sharon, my thoughts and prayers are with your daughter.

Jo (Boots the Monkey) said...

Sharon, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We will still be here with you get back ! Thinking of you.


Jo x

Kim Dellow said...

Lots and lots of good wishes Sharon. Kim

Chris said...

Thinking of you all Sharon and keeping my fingers crossed for a few more days before baby is born. Big hugs to you. Chris xxx

Faye said...

Sharon, your card in pink and brown is beautiful. Please don't try to do the comments this time. Wait till your life is settled a little. My prayers are for your daughter's and baby's health.

Tara said...

You're all still in my thoughts Sharon and I'm just wondering how things are right now? Take care and big hugs, Tara xx