Tuesday, 19 May 2009

An update

Thank you so much for all your kind comments. I have been so grateful to you all for your support and prayers. A few people have contacted me to ask for an update so I thought I'd write a short note. My daughter is still in hospital and still hanging on to the baby and today she made it into the 24th week of pregnancy. Every single day she hangs in there is a bonus to us. It is just a matter of time before she gives birth because the sac is ruptured and she is at least 3cm dilated. The poor girl is on complete bed rest - not allowed to even sit up yet alone get off the bed. But we are grateful for each day because it adds to the odds of the baby surviving.
I hope to be back crafting with you all soon - well as soon as I can get my energy levels up; I'd forgotten how exhausting looking after a 1 year old can be!
Please keep the prayers going for us.
Sharon xx


Chhaya said...

our prayers are there with u , ur daughter and the baby... everything is gonna be fine!


love and wishes

Tara said...

Thank you for updating us all Sharon. We have all been so worried but it seems those prayers are working to keep that baby safe inside its little house for a while longer. Look after yourself and big hugs to you all! xxxx

Biscuitlid said...


24 weeks is a good place to have made it to so far. Your daughter is being very brave and you must be so very proud of her. I hope that the little fella is a strong one and clings on in there for as long as he can. Holding you all close in my heart. Thanks for the update when it must be the last thing you have thought or time for


Maria Matter said...

Oh my Sharon, I had no idea, we've been on vacation for all of May so far! Just getting back and catching up...I will definitely keep your precious ones in my prayers! Take care!!!!
Many blessings, Maria

nessy said...

all the best to you and your family!!
if any help ~ friends of ours daughter just had her baby at 26 weeks ~both baby and mum are doing fine!
vanessa xx