Friday, 10 July 2009

Time for some good news

Well, this year has been a bit of a roller coaster journey for me, hasn't it? I thought it was time to share something a bit cheery with everyone - a little update on my grandson Oscar.

He made the move from one hospital in Portsmouth to the brand spanking new neo-natal unit in without any problems at all. Although this next bit sounds a bit scary I must stress that no babies were put in any danger at any time. We had to laugh - it was all over the news about the "first baby" in the new unit, but in reality our little Oscar made it through the doors before the one they reported on. The news reported on the baby that left the old hospital first, but by all accounts there was a bit of a race between him and Oscar to see who could get there first. The nurses said the two teams had a very quick walk along the corridor to the doors of the new unit and Oscar pipped the other baby to the post! Yep, Oscar's team tried the trusted little trick of overtaking at the last minute.

Anyway, he's settled into the new unit very nicely. He's now reached 2lb 1oz in weight. He's also having 2 hours in every 8 without any assistance breathing, the other 6 hours he's on a CPAP. What a little star. The trouble is, whenever I see him he's always hooked up to one machine or another so the photos I take are still a little traumatic for those not used to seeing them. I promise to post a decent one as soon as I can.

Sharon xx


Georgia said...

Hi Sharon,
I'm so glad Oscar is doing OK, it's nice to hear some good news about him. :)
Have a nice weekend!
Love, Georgia xx

nessy said...

what wonderful news sharon ~so pleased to hear little oscar is doing well!
vanessa xx

Rach said...

that's wonderful new Sharon.. brilliant. hugs rachxx

Kim Piggott said...

Sharon this is wonderful news!
I am so glad he is gaining weight and breathing so much better.
Oh what a relief for you to know that he is so well cared for and in such state of the art style too!
Thanks for this update!
kim x

Tara said...

Fantastic news Sharon, I'm so pleased to know that things are still improving greatly and before you know it he'll be at home, YAY! ;o) xx

Pauline C said...

Oh this is good news Sharon - hope Oscar's progress continues and he can get strong as soon as possible
Pauline x

pinky said...

Oh Sharon, thats really good news. He seems to be going from strength to strength. You can soon do your own little Oscar page and be sure to say he was the star of the hospital first! lol

Sharon said...

So pleased to hear he's doing so well Sharon.

debby4000 said...

I'm so glad that Oscar is making steady progress.

gina g said...

Hi Sharon i missed all of this as was poorly myself, but i am so please that Oscar is doing a lot better now it must be a relief for you all. Take care luv gina xx

Biscuitlid said...

I'm so pleased to read Oscars news, sorry I'm a bit late in replying - I've been busy! Will post my news later!

I'll find a way to send you my email addy as would love to see a photo of little Oscar - as you know very used to the wires et all.

Give him another kiss from me