Saturday, 10 October 2009

Woo Hoo! So excited!

Yes, my birthday has arrived and my wonderful sister is taking me for a fantastic spa day (mum also helped pay for it). I get the full works: a massage, facial, manicure, makeup and hair cut. If there's any time left I may even have a swim! I'm so excited and looking forward to it.
I'll announce the winner of my candy when I get home.
See you later


Shelly said...

Happy Birthday Sharon! Hope you have a really special day, sounds like you're in for a real treat! Lots of hugs on your special day (it's my parents wedding anniversary today too) Shelly :)

Donalda said...

Happy Birthday dear and hope you have a wonderful day getting spoilt!!!! Hugs

Mary said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your day!


scrappyjan said...

BIRTHDAY??????!!!!!!!!!! Spa day good for you!! How fun!!

How on earth did I miss it being your birthday??? I swera I might just be blonde sometimes..
SO now I will get something in the mail to you in the morning. :o) SO watch for your personn.
hugs and I so hope your day was wonderful!!

Biscuitlid said...

Happy Birthday Hunny

Hope the postie brings you oodles of goodies on time. Have a fabulous day


Dragonlady said...

Hi Sharon

Have a lovely relaxing time - Happy Birthday.

Hugs Ali x

Rica said...

Hi Sharon, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
Lucky you and what a fabulous treat 'A Spa Day' a perfect present. Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day.
hugs Heather xx

Helen said...

Happy Birthday Sharon!
Hope you enjoy your day of sounds fab!
Helen x

JulyeB said...

Happy birthday hope you have a wonderful time Julye

Kim Piggott said...

Oh you are going to have such a wonderful day!
kim x

Shelley said...

A big happy 50th birthday to you.....
What a lovely treat, I hope you have a fantastic day hun it sounds lovely
Shelley xxxxx

Linda said...

Happy Birthday!! I´ll hope you have a wonderfull day!


Stempelientje said...

HAPPY 50th Birthday Sharon!
Here in Hland they celebrate the 50th birthday extra as they say" youy see Sarah (if you are female) and Abraham (if you are a male).Usually friends put out in the frontyard a live size silly dll with a sighn that you see Sarah so everyone knows its your 50th birthday...
Anyway, enjoy ypur day today with your sister at the spa and I hpe you get really pampered.
Enjoy it!!

Greetings from Stempelientje

Paula said...

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear SHARON Happy Birthday to you Woo hoo Hip hip horray rotfl.
Paula xxxx

nasuha ahmad helmi said...

have fun! and happy birthday!!!

Elke said...

Happy Birthday Sharon. Hope you have a good time at the spa and come back really really relaxed. I am so jealous.


Elke XX

Kim. said...

Happy Birthday, have a lovely day it all so wonderful.
Kim xXx

NormaJean said...

Happy Birthday, sounds like your going to have a wonderful birthday, October is a good month my Birthday is monday the 12th
Hugs Normajean

Penni said...

Happy Birthday Sharon - Hope you enjoyed your Spa Day

Debz said...

Happy Birthday Sharon I hope you have had a great day at the spa with your sister.


Janette said...

That sounds like bliss to me,hope you've had a fab day,many happy returns.x

Caroljenks said...


Have a fab time! But please have a swim BEFORE you have your hair & make-up done ;) lol!

Carol x

nessy said...

a very happy birthday ~hope you had a wonderful day!!
vanessa xx

Diamond Doll said...

Happy Birthday Sharon i hope you have one fabulous day.
Trish (-:

Pauline C said...

Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great day hun and that my card has reached you in time .. though if not you can still see it today as it is on my blog and in the 2 challenges holding themes in honour of your birthday lol!
pauline x

Roxx said...


How wonderful! What a great gift your mom & sister gave you!!
Relax & enjoy your spa treatment.
Happy Birthday!


Tracey said...

Happy Birthday Sharon! Hope you hada fantastic spa day & were thoroughly pampered.

Big hugs

Chrissie said...

Very Happy Birthday Sharon!

Debs said...

Sounds like you are going to have a fab day. Enjoy yourself and have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Best wishes Debs xx

Катерина said...

Happy birthsday!!!

Jackie said...

Belated happy birthday Sharon....I hope you had a fab day! (you shared it with my brother but he was only 41 LOL)

Samantha said...

Happy birthday hunny!!
My other halfs birthday is the 10th too!

did you think about whatyour birthday date will be next year!

10/10/10! how cool is that!

have fun and good luck to all the candy hopefuls!

hope you had a great birthday!
hugs Samantha :0)

iluvmybugs said...

Happy Birthday....enjoy that wonderful spa treat!!!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Sharon! Hope you had a lovely time at the spa. Hugs, Chris xx

Georgia said...

Happy Birthday Sharon! I hope you have a really good day! :D
Love, Georgia xx

Papirskreppa said...

Congratulations with your birthday. A bit late, but good :)

Kirsten Alicia said...

Belated Birthday wishes to you Sharon! I hope you had a fantastic day at the Spa & a terrific weekend.