Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Hardest Recipe

This card is published to help me learn.
(UPDATE: I have learnt and I have 2 more cards that I want to blog if I get some daylight photos - Thanks ladies!)

Do you know, sometimes I'm convinced that if I put a lot of preparatory thought into something before I start making it (instead of just going with my creative flow in the moment), it ends up being really, really difficult to make something presentable.

This is one of those occasions and I SO want to crack the idea I had that I need some constructive criticism, please.

The Less is More challenge is a recipe of 'take 3 squares' this week. Now, I'm pretty sure I could create something half decent if I coloured 3 images and played around until they looked 'right' but I want to do a technique too. I had this bright idea that 'take 3 squares' would look absolutely brilliant using the 'spotlight' technique. Hmm....I'm still convinced it would, but actually doing it is flooring me. Maybe I'm using the wrong images? Maybe it only works well with circles? Maybe I was using too much colour?

Anyway, this card is take 6.
Takes 1 - 3 were a 'three wise men' image - but it was way too ornate once I'd put the card together.
Takes 4 & 5 was some bamboo - again it was too fussy and I just couldn't get something to balance the card.

So here we are at take 6.

I like the footsteps image - simplicity
I like the squares with the added glamour dust for the 'spotlighting' - again, simplicity.

My Thoughts on Things to improve:
I think the ribbon is way too thick (but I can't find a thinner Christmas ribbon).
I also think I need 3 horizontal lines. Maybe that's the 'symmetry' part of me kicking in again - thought process: 3 pearls, 3 squares so of course it needs 3 lines.
I think the squares are not quite straight (That bit is so, so difficult with this footsteps image)
Not really sure about the pearls either. Do they balance it?

Can I just say Thank You to Chrissie and Mandi for this particular challenge. It is fantastic to come across a challenge that really makes me sit down and think hard about what I'm doing. For me, a CAS card needs lots thought put into it.

Okay - over to you now. What could I do to improve this card? I'd love to come back with a mark 2, better version.
(I'll be back to comment on some of the other amazing entries into the challenge in a bit....but for now...I just have to give this concept/card another go.)

Thanks for looking,
Sharon x


Shaz said...

What an unusual card. I love it. Just those weeny footprints are so cute. Your card is just perfect for the less is more challenge. xx

Kathyk said...

I like it, no really, I like it. If you wanted three lines though you could easily score two more . . for symmetry. CAS is really not quite as simple as it looks is it? It seems to be all about the right image, placement and symmetry.


Doris said...

This couldn't be better!

Chrissie said...

SO you want to make our brains hurt now is that it Sharon?
I think the concept of this card is fabulous... the footsteps work brilliantly and the Glamour Dust as spotlighter is also fab. I think you're right about the width of the ribbon, and on my monitor the colour together with the footprints doesn't quite make it. I think that instead of going specifically with a Christmas ribbon you could go for the width you fancy and the colour a little closer, but perhaps with a snowflake charm hanging from it on the left hand side. You could colour a ribbon with Promarkers or Copics to match.
If you add metal in the form of a charm then probably the pearls won't go, but gems probably could.
We're talking really being picky here Sharon, it's a fab card as it is, but with a few tweaks, it could be true magic!
What think you?
You are a star I have to say, working at this so hard!
"Less is More"

Mags said...

What a great idea to have those footprints in the snow! I really like that!

I think the card's good as it is - but if you're worried about the ribbon could you doodle or stamp 3 blue lines instead? Just a thought, but I repeat, I think the card's good as it is!

luv, Mags x

Patsi said...

hi babe well i think this card is cool, although i dont think i know what the spotlight techniques is. I dont think you need 3 lines and the pearls do balance it.

If I was going to add anything it would be another 3 pearls either on the right of the card horizontally above the ribbon or in the very right hand corner of the card again horizontally.

Having said that if you did nothing with it it would still look cool xx

Mandi said...

Oh you are funny Sharon! I hope you haven't astd what you decided against!cos our lives wont be worth living, you will blame us ha ha
/my verdict is I like it! Id have just used a normal ribbon or even a thin strip of contracting card, or maybe a line of glittered ds tape [6mm wide] Possible Let it snow about the line on the left, possibly in white die cut letters, so theya re subtle? or a snowflake Chrissie's idea of a charm would be fab! or a penguin...those footprints look like a penguins lol

All i all thank you, as always Sharon!
see you again
mandi" Less is More "

♥ Marlou ♥ said...

a fab card for the challenge, well done!! :)

Debgem said...

I love it!! I think the foot prints across the card are super, and picking them up and highlighting on the squares is brilliant. I think you're right about the ribbon - thinner and perhaps a lighter colour. I like the position of the pearls, but would probably have gone with crystal gems sort of like the sparkle on the spotlight bit! I don't think it needs any score lines.

I might "borrow" this idea at Christmas ;) I have those feet too!

TAM said...

Its a fabulous card as it is but if you recreate it taking on board the comments given above I'd like to see how they compare

Viv said...

I love it Sharon, the little footprints look so lovely and look like they are made in the snow with the glitter.I thought about using the spotlight idea too but went with another idea.........taking me ages again to get this one right now , not easy at all are they lol:O)Viv xx

Riet said...

What a gorgeous card Sharon.

Hugs Riet.x

Mina said...

wow Sharon this is gorgeous, beautifully clean and Im like you I love the footprints too
Mina xxx

Kathleen said...

Well Sharon, you made me smile, who walks straight in snow anyway!
It is a lovely card but the only suggestion I could add is that maybe the ribbon should have been silver or a lighter colour. It is difficult to say as every PC shows colours up differently.

Kath x

Linby said...

I think it is a great idea for a card-very imaginative.

Fiona said...

This is different and good! The only thing I would change would be to match the ribbon colour to the footprints. (Feels wrong critiquing your card when I'm not even happy with my own!)

Susan said...

I love the concept of the footprints across the card. I personally believe that the ribbon distracts from the feet prints. I would probably have scored lines above and below.

That said...It's a fabulous card...and very creative idea!

Jan said...

Fab card xx Jan

Faith A said...

What a fabulous card, I love the footsteps and all you have done. Isn't it a worry learning this concept of CAS, wanting it to be soooooo right.

Stamps and Paper said...

A really lovely card....elegant.


Lynne said...

I was going to comment on this but I`ve already seen your other post so I`ll save it for that one.Lol.
Lynne xxx

Sally H said...

I love it! A narrower ribbon between two scored lines would look good to. LOVE the footprints and the glamour dust too!

jillyscreations said...

Great card I love the footprints and the spotlighting

Vicky Hayes said...

Love the footprints on this card!

Aileen said...

I like it. Can really sympathise with your deliberations. I've finally put in a card I'm happy with and now taking the time to look at everyone elses. It's not easy. x