Friday, 25 February 2011

Just Less Is More

I've had a wonderful time today because I've been like the proverbial kiddie in a sweetie shop; I went to my very first craft fair, Make It at Farnborough. Way too much temptation there for me - but I did come hope with about 50p left in my purse so I did well, eh?

Whilst there I had the absolute pleasure of bumping into the 'Less Is More' ladies, Chrissie and Mandi and also the fab Julia from the Stamping Ground (woyww). Those ladies are a scream! I've been trying to get time to have a coffee with Chrissie for about a year and a half now, so it was wonderful to actually meet her!
Anyway, I felt so guilty at not having had time to enter the LIM challenge this week that I said I'd do something for their SPRING challenge when I got home, and here it is:

Hope it's springy enough - I ran out of money searching for spring stamps. lol.

I'm prepared to read a barrage of 'constructive criticism' in any comments I get from Chrissie or Mandi about this card. (You both know I just went for it and didn't really think about it, don't you? Firstly, it's got one of the stamps you caught me holding this afternoon at the craft fair and secondly I've been home for less than a hour!). Go for it ladies! But please note .... I'm unbalanced....Oh, strike that; I mean I tried to learn and made the card unbalanced - no symmetry. Hey, maybe I am unbalanced too. Who knows?

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thanks for looking,

Sharon xx
Psst! I found the bling Mandi!!


craftykitten said...

Hi Sharon,
Wow hun gorgeous card. I guess you bought this Clarity Stamp at the Craft Fair then?? If there is time I would mask the "O" and then it would look like the flower was growing through it but considering you've only been home for an hour this is awesome. Keep up the good work,I love it.
Dawn xx

Biscuitlid said...

guilt did you good - love this card Sharon.

So glad you got to meet your buddies!


Bernadet Rodakowski said...

Love this card as I'm a fool for letter arts! Is the word just one stamp, or is it several combined from a set? At any rate, the card is striking!

TAM said...

Whatever "constructive comments" Chrissie and Mandi may leave you I think this is fabulous especially knowing that you did it in such a short time frame. I didn't even get to submit an entry this week - put something together last last night but wasn't entirely happy and then ran out of time to do anything else and post it before the closing time. Sounds like you had a good time at Farnborough.

Chrissie said...

You are such a star... I saw this stamp being purchased not many hours ago and here it is on a card, on our blog!
It was great to meet you at last Sharon... I so glad you enjoyed the fair!
We really appreciate you sharing your talent with us yet again.
See you for our next challenge!
"Less is More"

Faith A said...

This is beautiful, and I think, imaginitive with the placement of the flowers, the colours give it a WOW.

Mandi said...

Sharon you can have a gold star for rushing home to make this today!
Great effect
Super card! :)
Thanks so much for joining us, great to meet you
"Less is More"

coldwaters2 said...

Wow Sharon this is excellent, the words and flowers look awesome.
Lorraine x

Debgem said...

I love your priorities - home from fair - go play with new stamps!!! I like the card and the way the flowers come out of the "O".